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OCR20 Cold Room for Ice

OMT Cold Room can be configured to your specific space and volume requirements. We offer rooms from small size to very large refrigerated warehouse. We have a variety of cooling/freezing options that specifically, cater to the requirement of various goods and perishable food items that require cold storage.

OMT 6ton Cold Room Technical Parameter:
Model Number OCR20
Machine Capacity 6T/24HRS
Compressor  3HP, Copeland, USA
Panels Material Colorbond painted steel or Stainless Steel 304
Panel Type 50MM; 100MM; 150MM
Door Type Hinged Type or Sliding Type
Cooling Way  Air Cooled
Refrigerant R404A
Temperature 5℃~-35℃
Supply Power 380V, 50Hz, 3P
Overall Dimension 3000*3000*2300MM
Warranty 12 Months

OMT Cold Room Features:

1. Concavo convex structure
Panels are joined together by means of tongue and groove and locked together by cam- lock on each side 
of the panel to ensure air tight joints. There’s no need of rivets, thus reduce the cost and save the time.

2. Easier and faster installation,can be expanded or removed conveniently.

3. Perfect heat insulation
High density thermo insulated PUR foam up to 42kg/m3 for perfect cold-room heat insulation efficiency.

4. Low flammable
Low flammable PUR foam is used in the cold room panel, with fire retardant B2 grade.

5. Highly hermetical
Silica gel are used on the panel edge of the joint parts of each sandwich panel to ensure perfect sealing to 
avoid the cooling air leakage from the cool room or moisture inside the PU insulated panel for the best
refrigeration and frozen storage result.
6. Load bearing

The compressive strength is 150kpa or more, people can walk on the floor panels and allow trolleys can go
 in and out.

OMT 6ton Cold Room Pictures :
Cold Room Whole View  
Cold Room Machine Unit(Air Condensor)
Cold Room Panels

OMT Cold Room Series

Item Capacity
Compressor Power
Compressor Brand Refrigerant Temperature Overall Dimension
OCR10 3 2 Maneurop/Copeland R404A 5℃~-35℃ 2500*2000*2200
OCR20 6 3 Maneurop/Copeland R404A 5℃~-35℃ 3000*3000*2300
OCR30 9 4 Maneurop/Copeland R404A 5℃~-35℃ 4000*3000*2500
OCR40 12 6 Maneurop/Copeland R404A 5℃~-35℃ 4000*4000*2500
OCR50 15 8 Maneurop/Copeland R404A 5℃~-35℃ 5000*4000*2500
OCR60 18 9 Maneurop/Copeland R404A 5℃~-35℃ 6000*4000*2500
OCR80 24 12 Maneurop/Bitzer R404A 5℃~-35℃ 8000*4000*2500
OCR100 30 10 Bitzer/Bock R404A 5℃~-35℃ 8000*5000*2500
OCR120 36 15 Bitzer/Bock R404A 5℃~-35℃ 10000*5000*2500
OCR150 45 15 Bitzer/Bock R404A 5℃~-35℃ 10000*5000*3000
OCR200 60 20 Bitzer/Bock R404A 5℃~-35℃ 10000*6600*3000

⊙Temparature:  for keeping fresh: 5℃~-5℃;
                           for keeping chiller: -5℃~-15℃;
                           for keeping freezer: -15℃~-25℃;
                           for blast freezer; -30℃~-40℃;
⊙Supply Power: 380~420V, 50Hz, 3Phase; 220V, 60Hz, 3Phase; 380V, 60Hz, 3Phase; 440V, 60Hz, 3Phase;
⊙Working Conditions: Input Water Temp: 21℃; Ambient Temp: 25℃; Evaporator Temp: -20℃; Condensing Temp: 40℃;
⊙Model and specifications can be subject to change without notice.

Machine Configuration List:

Component Item Brand and Origin
Compressor  Copeland/Bitzer/Bock
Oil separator   EMERSON/ USA
Electrical components LG (LS)/South Korea
Solenoid valve   CASTAL/Italy
High pressure controller DANFOSS/ Denmark
Low pressure controller DANFOSS/ Denmark
Expansion valve CASTAL/Italy
Condenser Jianguo/Xuemei
Evaporator OMEX/Guangzhou

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