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DOTB10 Direct Cooling Ice Block Machine

OMT 1Ton direct cooling Ice Block Machine is our hot sale products, it primary for 4.5kg, 5kg, 10kg block ice, etc, the produced ice block is very clean and edible, short ice freezing time, will not melt easily, also easy in operation.
This machine is different from salt water ice block machine, which evaporates without salt water tank.

1Ton Automatic Ice Block Machine:

OMT  1Ton Direct Cooling Ice Block Machine Testing Video:

1Ton Direct cooling type ice block machine 
Air cooled condenser, compact design, no need to do any installation.

Using 6HP, Copeland brand Hermetic Piston type Compressor

Manual lifting system for 1Ton Direct cooling type ice block machine, easy operation

The ice cans are made by high quality casting aluminium.
There are 30pcs of 5kg ice cans for 1Ton Direct cooling type ice block machine.

The ice bed of 5kg ices can be moved. It is very easy to harvest the ices.


OMT 1ton Direct Cooling Ice Block Machine Technical Parameters:

Model Number DOTB10
Machine Capacity 1000kg/24 hours
Weight of Ice Block 4.5kg/pcs (available for 5kg, 10kg etc.)
Ice Block Size 100*95*500mm 
Material Ice Molds Aluminun Plate, corrosion free
Mainframe  Stainless Steel 304
Ice Freezing Time 20blocks/140mins                                           
Refrigerant R22 or R404a
Cooling Way Air cooled(Water cooled)
Compressor 6HP, Brand: Copeland/USA
Supply Power 220V~480V, 50Hz/60Hz, 3P
Machine Power 16.2KW
Machinery Dimensions 1830*1080*1365(H)mm
Ice Harvest Way Manual Forklift
Warranty 12 months

OMT Direct Cooling Ice Block Machine Features:

1. Edible Ice.
Evaporated directly without using chemical and salt water, the ice is clean and can be eaten directly.

2. Fast freezing time.
You can get 5kg ice in 140minutes and 3-3.5hrs for 10kg ice,much faster compared with salt water type ice machine.

3. High Quality Material.
Ice moulds are made of aluminum plate, mainframe adopts anti-rust and anti-corrosion material--stainless steel.

4. Compact design and saves space.

5. Simple to operate and no need skilled worker.

OMT 1ton Direct Cooling Ice Block Machine Pictures:

The Testing 1ton Direct Cooling Ice Block Machine, its mainframe adopts anti-rust and anti corrosion material -stainless steel.
1 ton Direct Cooling Ice Block Machine with CoolinG Tower
Solid Ice Molds, made of aluminum plate Ice Molds with Fins, made of  aluminum plate
Clean and Edible Ice, Fast Freezing Time Clean and Edible with Fins, Fast Freezing Time

OMT Direct Cooling Ice Block Machine Series:

Item  Capacity (Ton/24hours) Compressor Power(HP) Dimension (L*W*H) (mm) Cooling Way
DOTB10 1 6 1800*1100*1200 Air Cooled
DOTB20 2 10 4260*900*1950 Air Cooled
DOTB30 3 15 3976*1468*2095 Air Cooled
DOTB50 5 25 4660*1712*2180 Water Cooled
DOTB60 6 30 5236*1790*2095 Water Cooled
DOTB100 10 60 3300*1800*2250 Water Cooled
DOTB200 20 35*3 2800*1500*2200 Water Cooled

⊙ Refrigerant: R22 or R404a
⊙ Supply Power: 220V~480V, 50Hz/60Hz, 3P;    
⊙ Standard Working Conditions: Input water temp: 21℃; Ambient temp: 25℃; Condensing temp: 40℃;     
⊙ Model and specifications can be subject to change without notice.                 


Machine Configuration List:

Component Item Brand and Origin
Compressor  Copeland/Bitzer
PLC controller
Siemens/ Germany
Oil separator   EMERSON/ USA
Electrical components LG (LS)/South Korea
Solenoid valve   CASTAL/Italy
High pressure controller DANFASS/ Denmark
Low pressure controller DANFASS/ Denmark
Expansion valve CASTAL/Italy
Condenser Jianguo/Xuemei
Evaporator OMEX/Guangzhou


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