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  • OMT 10Ton Cube ice machine testing and comissioning

    Our South American client bought a 10Ton Cube ice machine with 22*22*22mm cube ice moulds from us.

    We are testing the 10Ton Cube ice machine in these days.

    OMT 10Ton Cube Ice Machine Testing Video:



    OMT 10Ton Cube ice machine testing pictures as below:

    There are 36pcs of Cube ice moulds for the 10Ton Cube ice machine.

    There are 2 sets of  Germany brand Bitzer Semi-Hemetic Piston type Compressor for the 10Ton cube ice machine.

    Machine structure and cover made by high quality stainless steel.

    We will clean the cube ice machine after we did all the testing.

    The water making up system, ice freezing system, ice falling system and ice cutting system are working under PLC program control automatically. 

    When the cube ice are frozen well inside the cube ice mould evaporator, it falls down to the bin and to be cut piece by piece at the bottom by the ice cutter, then come out.

    Besides,We can see the machine working status and you can directly prolong or shorten the ice freezing time to adjust the ice thickness by PLC. 


    We can set up the PLC program in 3 langages so that our client can operate the machine more convenient.
    This 10Ton cube ice machine is for our South American client, so we set up the PLC in Spanish, English & Chinese.

    PLC program in Spanish as below:

    PLC program in English as below:

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