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    OMT offers high quality ice block machine for fish yard, food plant, events,super markets etc. Here we primary supply three types of ice block makers: Salt Water Cooling Type, Direct Cooling Type and Containerized Type. Traditional salt water type is economic type and affordable, very popular in Africa, Middle East ,Oceania and America. Direct cooling type makes very clean and edible ice block, also no need chemical material during production. The containerized type is a mobile ice block plant, customers no need special workshop for it, also can move to different places.

    OCR10 Walk in Freezer

    OMT Offer small Walk in Freezer for commercial use, this commercial walk in freezer can freeze variety of food with the temperature ranges from 5 ℃ to -35 ℃, uses polyurethane for cold storage panels which is formed by high pressure molds. OMT 3ton Walk in Freezer Technical Parameter: ModelNumber OCR10 MachineCapacity 3T/24HRS Compressor 2HP, Copeland, USA PanelsMaterial Colorbondpaintedsteelo ....

    OCR20 Cold Room for Ice

    OMT Cold Room can be configured to your specific space and volume requirements. We offer rooms from small size to very large refrigerated warehouse. We have a variety of cooling/freezing options that specifically, cater to the requirement of various goods and perishable food items that require cold storage. OMT 6ton Cold Room Technical Parameter: Model Number OCR20 Machine Capacity 6T/24HRS Compre ....

    OCR30 Cold Room

    OMT Cold Room is assemble by polyurethane insulation plate, where panels in different storage adopts eccentric locking structure for strong air tightness and good heat preservation effect with conveniently disassemble and flexible mobile characteristics. Cold storage plate can be combined into blast freezer with different height and volume which depends on different site conditions. OMT 9ton Cold ....

    OCR40 Commercial Cold Room

    OMT Cold rooms can be termed as large size walk-in coolers for short term storage of perishables like fruits,vegetables, meat and fish, dairy products or special products like medicines, chemicals etc. OMT 12ton Commercial Cold Room Technical Parameter: Model Number OCR40 Machine Capacity 12ton/24 hours Compressor 6HP, Copeland,USA Panels Material Colorbond painted steel or Stainless Steel 304 Pan ....

    OCR50 Chiller Room

    OMT Chiller Room are controlled by microcomputer, there is little fluctuations with the indoor temperature which keeps stable. Equipped with automatic high precision digital controller, the chiller room can control the indoor temperature deviation no more than 0.5C. OMT 15ton Chiller Room Technical Parameter: ModelNumber OCR50 MachineCapacity 15T/24HRS Compressor 8HP, Copeland, USA PanelsMaterial ....

    OCR60 Commercial Cold Room

    OMT Commercial Cold Room are joined together by means of tongue and groove and locked together by cam-lock on each side of the panel to ensure air tight joints. Polyurethane is applied in each sandwich panel to ensure perfect sealing to avoid the cooling air leakage from this cold storage room. Besides, We can provide the storage rack into the cold room. OMT 18ton Commercial Cold Room Technical Pa ....