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    OMT offers high quality tube ice machine which produces hollow and cylindrical tube ice with the capacity ranges from 1ton to 20ton, our ice machine can also make solid type tube ice. Here we have two standard specifications of tube ice for your options: Option 1: external Ø 29mm, internal Ø5mm-10mm, length 30mm-50mm; Option 2: external Ø 35mm, internal Ø5mm-10mm, length 30mm-50mm; This kind of ice is widely applied for daily consumption, vegetable or fishery fresh-keeping, chemical processing, building project or other places need to use ice.

    OMT 1000kg Tube Ice Machine

    OMT 1000kg per day tube ice machine can be single phase or three phase type for the power connection, good for beginners. ice size for option: 18mm, 22mm, 29mm, 35mm etc. ....

    OMT 2000kg Tube Ice Machine

    OMT 2Ton tube ice machine makes 2000kg tube ice in 24hrs. This machine normally is air cooled type condenser, split /remotoe condenser also fine. ....

    OMT 3000kg Tube Ice Machine

    This 3000KG Tube Ice Machine is our hot sales model, capacity stable, stainless steel type evaporotor for option. can design to make solid type tube ice. ....

    OMT 5Ton Tube Ice Machine

    OMT 5 ton tube ice machine is air cooling machine, the stainless steel evaporator and its accessories are installed on a steel frame which forms the evaporator module, which is strong and durable. Tube Ice :28mm or 34mm in diameter;hollow and transparent ice. OMT 5ton Tube Ice Making Machine Technical Parameter: Model Number OT50 Machine Capacity 5000kg/24 hours Tube Ice Outer Diameter 28mm,34mm T ....

    OMT 10ton industrial tube ice machine

    OMT 10ton industrial tube ice machine is a large capacity 10,000kg/24hrs.For this machine,all water and ice contact area of tube ice machine are made from Stainless Steel 304 Grade. It provides corrosion resistance to tubes and makes cleaning of tubes ice machine very easy. OMT 10ton Industrial Tube Ice Machine Technical Parameter: Model Number OT100 Machine Capacity 10,000kg/24 hours Tube Ice Out ....

    OT200 20ton Tube Ice Maker

    OMT 20ton CE Approved Tube Ice Maker produces a cylinder ice with a hole inside with outer diameter of 28mm and 34mm , length adjustable from 27mm to 50mm. It is a kind of well distributed water film forming ice system, tube ice maker machine adopt full stainless steel material. OMT 20tonTube Ice Maker Technical Parameter: Model Number OT200 Machine Capacity 20,000kg/24 hours Tube Ice Outer Diamet ....