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    OMT flake ice machine includes three types: Commercial Type, Industrial Type and Sea Water Type,range from 500kg/24h to 20,000kg/24h. Our flake ice maker is adopted most advanced technology in China, the main parts and components are from Germany, Italy and Denmark. And now our products has widely appreciated in the field of fish yard, concrete mixing project, chemical plant and food processing plant etc.

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  • OTF30 Flake Ice Machine

    OMT supply Flake Ice Machine with reasonable price, flake ice produced by this machine is dry, pure, powder-less and not easy to be block, ice thickness is usually about 1.8mm-2mm. Flake ice machines here are using PLC Intelligent control system with world famous brand of components to control the whole ice making process. 3Ton Flake Ice Machine Working Video OMT 3000kg Fresh Water Flake Ice Machi.... ....

    OTF20 Flake Ice Machine With Copeland Compressor

    Flake Ice Machine products flake ice. The ice is dry, pure, powder-less, not easy to block, its thickness is about 1.8mm~2mm,without edges or cornerswhich will can product the cooling food, fish, seafood and other products. OMT 2Ton Flake Ice Machine Back Side With Copeland Compressor OMT 2Ton Flake Ice Machine With Ice Storage Bin OMT Flake ices. Strong and Dry. Thickness: 1.2~2.2mm OMT 2ton Flak.... ....

    1Ton Flake Ice Machine With Daffoss Compressor

    OMT 1Ton flake ice machine with ice storage bin. It adopt air cooling condenser, Danfoss Denmark compressor and world brand components. It it fresh water type(We also can make sea water type) .The price is very competitive and we have stock for this machine. OMT Flake Ice Machine Plant produces flake ice with world famous compressor and refrigerantparts, the drum of the evaporator are made of anti.... ....

    OMT OTF05 500kg Flake Ice Making Machine

    OMT Flake Ice Making Machine produces flake ice with the capacity ranging from 500kg/24hrs to 20ton/24hrs with rapid cooling speed, which emplys the highest imported quality components and non-corrosive materials. The ice freezing time of this machine is 1 minute and ice thickness can be 1.8mm to 2mm. OMT 500kg Fresh Water Flake Ice Machine Unit Air Cooling Front View OMT 500kg Fresh Water Flake I.... ....